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This is Heading 1, the title of my Web Page.

This is Heading 2, a subtitle or section heading.

This is Heading 3, the text is slightly smaller.

This is Heading 4,smaller again.

This is Heading 5,not required as much as larger headings.
This is Heading 6,sometimes needed smaller than the document text.

This is a paragraph of text. It will not end if I press the enter key at any time.I must enter a paragraph end tag if I wish to start another paragraph or continue to another section

This is paragraph two.

This is paragraph three.
this line break element forces this sentence to a new line.
Note that there are no blank lines between the sentences.
They are all still part of one paragraph

This is paragraph four.


This is paragraph five.

The line break and the performatted text elements create a blank line in the middle of this paragraph © ™ ¼ ¯ ¥

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